Thursday, October 8, 2009

Engine Marketing Search Techniques

"Now You Can Focus On Engine Marketing Search Techniques And Overdo It!"

Your primary objective when potential customers visit your site is to ensure they see what you have to offer. You used internet advertisement to attract a prospect, but will he buy your product? Your web page has mind-blowing graphics, color splashing all around, and arrows prompting him to take action. What happens next? Content is king they say at least to generate market on the internet. I agree, if they are talking of the right content.

“Will I look 10 Years Younger?”

Well, people are practical and don’t wish they look 25 years younger. But they do want to look younger. If you are in the anti-aging business and want to make sales on the internet, show how young they would look on your website. You can always show them how colorful your product packaging looks a little later. I’m sure you’re getting the point.

Most people would hate looking into their mirror on their 50th birthday -- or maybe the 60th birthday. Nothing much to celebrate they say. But if you showed them to be young on your website, they might want to look into the mirror again. And buying your product would just be their way of saying “Thank You.” I wonder who the customer here is.

"Be There For The Customer When He Needs You!"

Your highly optimized website has an arrow pointing towards an opt-box after you have a compelling message for him at the start. He is excited and wants to read further. He skips the opt-in box. He reads further. He reaches the punch line which has triggered the “Buy” bug in him. Do you have another opt-in box ready for him?

In the good old days of marketing with postcards and email marketing (this still works great), it was said that it takes seven follow-up messages on an offer before a customer decides to buy. Don’t you think you could accommodate a few more opt-in boxes at strategic locations to help your customer take action?

"If Your Product Is Good Show Him Why!"

When you stop by a mall, you see salespersons playing mind games with customers trying to sell a product. They take great pains to explain why the product is a must buy for the customer. If you have a unique selling point about your product, using the best copywriter you can find to make your sales pitch on your website. You would get most of your web advertisement free.

Did you notice some good old selling techniques you could polish into your website? Content is truly the king.

Advertising Beyond Web 2.0

Most small and medium companies use web site internet advertising on the internet. It seems they have gate-crashed into what was the domain of the big and powerful enterprises. Why? Well, it can be very lucrative if you know what you’re doing.

We use the internet every day looking for information and if we find what we need, even buy stuff at a click of button. But there are still people who don’t use the internet. A significant percentage of the world population does not use the internet or engine marketing search techniques, let alone being skilled at it.

Be amazed at these stats:

As on June 30, 2009 about 73.9% North Americans used the internet, while Europe recorded a population penetration of just 50.1%.

(Information from Nielsen/NetRatings, published on

There has been a phenomenal growth of 362.3% over the period from 2000 till 2009. But consider this. Of the estimated world population of 6.77 billion, just 24.7% use the internet. Where does that leave your business? If you are into internet advertisement and lost your footing over other traditional ways of marketing, you are probably leaving loads of money on the table for your competitors.

Advertising on the search engines is a great idea. It has the potential to generate market on the internet. Internet savvy people who are looking for your product or service would find you. What happens to the millions who just haven’t heard of “keywords”? They wouldn’t have a clue how to find you even if you had exactly what they needed. They just didn’t know what to ask for.

You might have a highly optimized website to generate sales on the internet, but you wouldn’t want to lose out on customers who still follow up on postcard mailings. In fact, there are companies who buy this information and have over a million addresses to send their new campaigns to.

Growth over the internet can be tremendous, but if we advertised only on the internet, we would get business only from people who are already looking for our product or service. Come to think of it, buyers over the internet would never have Googled the word “postcard mailings” because they would consider direct mail out of circulation and outdated, even businessmen.

If you are in a Business-to-Consumer industry, the rules of the game remain the same. A potential client would type in "jewelry” to find something for his wife. He will find you. But if you mail postcards, you may generate repeat orders from clients who would otherwise not have known your products existed.

Consider all your marketing options. You might be getting web advertising free. Web 2.0 can be big and Web 3.0 even bigger, but do not forget to Include direct mail along with web site internet advertising in your marketing plans. You will see more healthy sales numbers this time around.